Jordan’s Prince Hamzah bin Hussein renounces title

An outspoken half-brother of Jordan's King Abdullah II, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, has relinquished his title through a statement he gave on Twitter.

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An outspoken half-brother of Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, has relinquished his title.

In a tweet published on Sunday, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein announced the news.

Convictions are not compatible with the current “approaches, policies and methods of our institutions,” he wrote in a letter.

Since last year’s house arrest of the junior royal, there has been an ongoing feud between the two families.

Even though he did not criticize King Abdullah II or the ruling elites in the same way he had in the past, his tone made it clear that the rift has not been repaired, as the Royal Hashemite Court suggested in the past.

No statement has emerged from the Royal Hashemite Court.

Hussein ruled Jordan for nearly 50 years before his death in 1999. Abdullah and Hamzah are his sons. Hamzah was named crown prince by Abdullah upon his succession, but the title was revoked in 2004.

In April of last year, the king put Hamzah under house arrest for allegedly plotting to topple the Western-aligned kingdom.

According to Hamzah, he was punished for speaking out against official corruption in an official video statement at the time.

According to a letter released by the Royal Hashemite Court at the time, Hamzah apologized to his brother. It is my hope that we can close this chapter in the history of our country and our family,” Hamzah concluded.

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