Jordan’s King Abdullah and alienated Prince Hamzah made first combined advent since tensions

State media displayed the monarch and other members of the royal family laying wreaths at the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier and tombs of royalty in the Raghdan Palace in Amman.

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Jordan’s King Abdullah II and former Crown Prince and half-brother Prince Hamzah bin Hussein appeared for the first time after a rift affected the country, joining a ceremony on Sunday marking a century of independence for Jordan.

State media displayed the King and other members of the royal family laying laurels at the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier and graves of royals in Raghdan Palace in Amman.

Hamza vowed loyalty to King Abdullah II last Monday in the pursuit of arbitration by the royal family, two days after the military cautioned him over actions that it held were against Jordan’s security and stability.

On Wednesday, King Abdullah II held that the tensions had been eliminated and Prince Hamzah was “under my care” with his family at his palace. But Hamzah’s absenteeism after he seemed in a video on April 3, commenting that he had been ordered to not leave the home, had resulted in questions about his whereabouts.

After proclaiming last week that the army had cautioned Prince Hamzah over his schedules, the government said that the former Crown Prince had liaised with people linked to foreign parties seeking to destabilize Jordan and that he had been under investigation for some time.

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