Jordanian King urges enhancing health sector services, providing training for staff

King Abdullah II spoke during a meeting with officials and representatives from the health sector on enhancing services from the sector, including the training of staff.

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On Tuesday, King Abdullah II stressed the need to improve the health sector’s level and establish an institutional mechanism to oversee performance and ensure commitment to professional standards.

At a meeting with officials and agents from the health sector at Al Husseiniya Palace, King Abdullah II urged continuous training for medical staff, within a plan to enhance performance, according to a Royal Court statement.

The Jordanian King warned of inadequacies in the medical sector, stressing the rank of learning from past mistakes and to continue providing quality services to the public.

King Abdullah II also reiterated the importance of administrative reform to address shortcomings and counter nepotism.

Speaking at the meeting, Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh said the government is committed to advancing the health sector, to offer quality services and prevent medical malpractice, while ensuring hospitals are staffed with the necessary staff who are regularly assessed.

The King listened to a briefing by Health Minister Feras al-Hawari, who noted that the issues facing the health sector are due to mismanagement rather than lack of financial resources, in addition to a lack of training and a misdistribution of personnel.

The minister said a restructuring of the Ministry of Health concludes early next week, as part of measures to improve the sector’s performance.

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