Italian ambassador praises Jordan’s regional role

Jordan’s regional role is clear and it stems from a true will for peace, the Italian ambassador said.

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Italy’s Ambassador to Jordan, Fabio Cassese, on Tuesday said that the Kingdom’s role, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, in various international events is “clear and it stems from a true will for peace”.

On the occasion of his country’s national day, Cassese said that Jordan is “a true oasis of stability in the region”, the Jordan local news agency reported. He also praised Jordan’s efforts and commitment to fighting terrorism and extremism, underlining that the Kingdom aces at the forefront of the anti-Daesh global coalition.

As for the Palestinian issue, the diplomat said that Italy has a stance that corellates with that of the EU in supporting the two-state solution, expressing Rome’s readiness to exert all efforts necessary to resume negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis.

Recently, the Italian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Marina Sereni also visited Jorden and discussed the main issues of bilateral interest. Political, economic and cultural relations were the focus of talks. The meetings also covered the initiative to bring together Italian and Jordanian private sectors to advance the technological expertise of local businesses and improve the level of food security in the Kingdom.

Sereni also visited the Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees and the projects financed by the Italian Development Cooperation and carried out by the UNHCR, UN Women and the WFP.

The deputy Foreign Minister was briefed on UNHCR-Italy collaboration, worth $8.5 million in the last five years, and the 1.5-million-dollar multipurpose cash-assistance programme for vulnerable families facing socio-economic impact caused by the pandemic.

She was also briefed on the “Resilience, empowerment of vulnerable women and response to COVID-19” project, which is “a unique example” of integration of services aimed to support women’s economic empowerment.

“I believe that the role played in the various projects by the actors of the Italian Cooperation and the Jordanian civil society is fundamental. Their efforts are vital to support the growth and change of the country for the benefit of the neediest segments of the population,” the minister said.

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