Israeli police detain six Palestinians from Nablus

Friday at dawn, Israeli forces detained six Palestinians from Salem village in the West Bank, according to local sources.

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Israeli police imprisoned six civilians from the village of Salem, east of Nablus, in the West Bank as per local informants. They held that the police raided the village, plundered a few houses and detained six Palestinians.

On Friday morning, special forces driving a Palestinian licensed white van, skated their way into Tubas and arrested a Palestinian man from his house, the Director of the Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS) Office, Kamal Bani-Odeh said.

Correspondingly, the police also edged down five Palestinians who attended in protests against the Israeli Flag March, during which far-right Israelis were recorded to have insulted Islamic values by swearing against Islam’s Prophet Muhammad in the locality of the Old City of Jerusalem.

On the day of March, videos appeared online presenting settlers repeating many racist slogans, involving “Death to Arabs,” and slur against the Islamic Prophet. One settler has even loomed of a second Nakba soon.

During the Palestinian protest against the march, Israeli forces “cracked down on the rally and chased demonstrators in Bab al-Amud, al-Musrara and Sultan Suleiman Street, beating them with batons and spraying them with skunk water before detaining the five people,” according to the local Palestinian news agency, WAFA.

These illegitimate break-ins also take place in areas and villages under full control of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and are steered with no search warrant or an obligation of one. Israeli officials conduct such raids whenever the military chooses. Under military law, they have complete unlawful executive, legislative and judicial authority over the three million Palestinians living in the West Bank.

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