Israeli-owned ship reportedly attacked off UAE coast

An Israeli commercial ship was allegedly targeted with missile fired by Iran, according to an Israeli-based television station.

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On Tuesday, An Israeli-owned ship was hit nearby the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as per media reports.

The commercial container retained by an Israeli company was hit off the seaport of Fujairah, said a news station connected to the Hezbollah group.

A Tel Aviv-based television station held Iran accountable for the attack, stating that Iran launched a missile strike on the ship, based on a local news channel that quoted unnamed Israeli security sources.

No fatalities were stated but the ship has received some small scale damage, according to a report. Israeli officials have yet to comment.

A local news agency, based in Lebanon, said the vessel was transporting cars and had been at Kuwait’s Mina Al Ahmadi port 48 hours earlier. The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) said in an advisory notice that it was aware of a possible incident near Fujairah and that investigations were ongoing.

The previous month, an Iranian vessel ship was also attacked in the Mediterranean, two weeks after an Israeli-owned ship, the MV Helios Ray – owned by the same company as the Hyperion Ray concurring to a UN shipping database – was hit by an explosion in the Gulf of Oman.

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