Israel hits Hamas targets in Gaza as hostilities escalate

Israel has conducted airstrikes on Gaza for a third consecutive night as tensions with Hamas have been escalating after six Palestinian prisoners escaped from an Israeli maximum-security prison.

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Israeli aircraft have attacked numerous areas in the besieged Gaza Strip, marking the third uninterrupted night of hostilities.

On Monday morning, the Israeli military held it launched attacks on Hamas targets late on Sunday. There were no immediate reports of fatalities.

According to an Israeli military statement on Twitter, the targets included four Hamas compounds used for military training, a weapons workshop and the entrance to an underground tunnel.

Hazem Qasem, a spokesperson for Hamas, told sources that the attacks were a response to the escape last week of six Palestinian inmates from a maximum-security Israeli prison. Two of them remain on the run while the other four have been arrested.

“The Israeli occupation is trying to weaken the Palestinian morale and instill fear of a possible escalation by bombing Gaza,” he said.

Qasem said that any escalation including the potential killing of the two prisoners still on the run or any further raids in the Jenin camp would not be tolerated.

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