IRGC intervenes smugglers in Pakistani borders leaving 10 dead, 5 injured

It is reported that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) responded against petrol smugglers who staged a protest in Saravan located in Sistan & Baluchistan Province near the Pakistan border, causing 10 deaths and 5 injured.

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Speaking upon the request for commenting on the issue, Abdullah Arif, the Balochi human rights activist, stated that smugglers demanded from security forces to open border gates since they had remained without food and water. Protests erupted after their demands were refused by security forces, he added. In response, IRGC forces opened fire indiscriminately, which left at least 10 casualties and 5 wounded.

Based on Arif’s statement, after the incident, the protesters gathered in front of the governor’s office in the region on Tuesday. In here, the crowd wanted to perform the funeral prayer for those who died during protests the day before. After security forces refused this demand, the group occupied the state-building and set fire to a police car, according to local media. Upon this, security forces used force against protesters, resulting in injuries and detainees.

It is speculated that these incidents have arisen from the latest regulation, known as the “Razzak Law,” which was approved two weeks ago. This regulation concerns border regions where oil selling is being conducted by security forces as well as the prevention of smuggling. Sistan & Baluchistan Province is accepted as one of the most impoverished regions of Iran. Before, Iran had tolerated limited smuggling which constituted a source of income for local people suffering from the country’s high unemployment rate.

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