Iraqi president signs decree for early polls in October

The elections come in the wake of a popular protest movement demanding reforms, says Barham Salih.

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On Monday, Iraq’s president engaged in a pronouncement to embrace early elections on October 10. In a televised talk, Barham Salih emphasized the importance of the elections, as they follow “a popular protest movement demanding reform.”

He went on to say that “securing the right of Iraqis to choose their representatives away from pressure, blackmail, and stealing their voices is a top priority.”

He called on the state organization to quicken the steps necessary to embrace fair elections.

Salih also expressed the obligation of efficient work and synchronization between the country’s High Independent Electoral Commission and the UN, to ensure UN supervision and ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

The present parliamentary term was supposed to end in 2022, but political parties decided to schedule early elections after widespread popular protests to dismiss the former government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi in late 2019.

In May, the parliament approved an interim government, headed by Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to manage the transitional phase leading to early elections.

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