Iraqi Foreign Minister visits Spain ahead of Global Coalition meeting

The Iraqi Foreign Minister’s meeting with his Spanish counterpart aims to find ways to enhance the presence of Spanish firms across crucial Iraqi sectors.

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Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein met with his Spanish counterpart, Arancha González Laya in Madrid on Friday. The foreign ministers reportedly discussed ways to enhance bilateral economic and political ties as well as cooperation on counter-terrorism.

“We decided to establish a joint commission on financial and economic matters to facilitate the activities of Spanish firms in infrastructure, energy, water, and agriculture sectors.” told the Spanish Foreign Minister.

Although another commission was initiated back in 2013, it remained dormant and its goals failed to materialize likely due to the expansion of Daesh/ISIS in the northwestern parts of the country.

Hussein told reporters that he will meet with Laya on the sidelines of a ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition Against Daesh/ISIS on June 28. “The meeting will be a fine opportunity to strengthen the message of unity against terrorism. The terror group needs to be defeated on military as well as ideological grounds. Therefore, there is an increased need for international and regional cooperation.” Hussein added.

Laya also announced her plans to conduct an official visit to Iraq soon.

Hussein also met with Reyes Maroto, Spanish Minister of Industry, Trade, and Tourism, as part of his trip. Hussein voiced his intention to work with Spain to benefit from the country’s experiences in the tourism sector and invited the Spanish minister to visit Iraq.

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