Iraqi base hosting US contractors hit by rocket attack with one Iraqi injured

An Iraqi military base in northern Baghdad was hit by several rockets which resulted in the injury of one Iraqi contractor.

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Anonymous sources from the Iraqi security forces say that four rockets have hit the Iraqi military base of Balad in northern Baghdad on Saturday, resulting in one Iraqi contractor to be injured. The officials have indicated that the contractor injured has suffered non-lethal injuries and has been taken to the hospital. No faction or group has yet taken responsibility for the attack.

The rocket attack is the second consecutive attack towards an Iraqi military base this week, with the most recent rocket attack being at Erbil International Airport where US forces and contractors are stationed against the reemergence of Islamic State in the region. During the attack, one Iraqi contractor working with the US forces was killed. The responsibility for the attack was taken by a lesser-known group which has ties to Iran, according to Iraqi officials.

Paramilitary groups with ties to Iran have recently demanded the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the country, with their presence regarded as an occupation. A US-led NATO force continues to be stationed in Iraq in order to train Iraqi security forces. In total, approximately 2,500 US forces remain in Iraq.

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