Iran’s Rabiei confirms Saudi-Iranian negotiations

The spokesperson of Iran’s government confirmed that two rounds of talks were held with Saudi Arabia.

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Iran’s government spokesperson Ali Rabiei commented on the latest reports regarding the Iranian-Saudi talks during a press conference on Tuesday. In his statement, Rabiei confirmed that his country held talks with Saudi Arabia on bilateral and regional issues. The talks were held at the level of special representatives, the spokesperson added. He also said that Iran would continue to negotiate with Saudi Arabia until a concrete advancement is reached.

Saying that the negotiations between the two counties are proceeding in a positive way, Rabiei stated that delegations aim to close the gap and put right the misunderstandings between the two countries. Rabiei told reporters that “We have supported and welcomed talks among neighbors, including Saudi Arabia, over the past years, and today there are glimmers of hope for the settlement of disagreements.”

The spokesperson emphasized that it is the right time to resolve differences and restore ties with neighboring countries, highlighting that diplomacy channels are open. Yet, Rabiei pointed out that more efforts are needed to provide stability and sustainable peace in the region.

Spokesperson Ali Rabiei did not reveal any further information regarding the details of the talks.

Last week, Iraqi President Barham Salih also confirmed that his country hosted the Iranian-Saudi talks more than once.

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