Iranians take to the streets to protest the Chinese agreement

Protestors shouted slogans against the 25-year cooperation agreement signed last week.

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On Tuesday, Iranian streets witnessed demonstrations protesting a recent comprehensive cooperation agreement signed between Iran and China. Over 200 Iranians gathered in front of the parliament building to demand the renouncement of the 25-year cooperation agreement. Protestors expressed their anger by shouting slogans such as “Iran is not for sale,” “Death to those who sell the homeland,” and “We will fight, we will die, and we will take Iran back.”

Demonstrations were not confined to outside of the parliament. Protestors also held demonstrations outside governorship buildings in various provinces, including Alborz and Isfahan. In these demonstrations, it was seen that protestors carried banners writing “China, get out of Iran,” and “We want the agreement canceled.”

Similar demonstrations were seen in Sydney, Australia. Living in the city thousands of miles away, Iranians gathered in front of the Chinese consulate to protest the agreement.

The long-awaited agreement was signed during Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Tehran last weekend. After the signing ceremony, the two ministers issued a joint statement expressing that the two countries aimed to boost comprehensive strategic partnership through the deal.

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