Iranian Foreign Minister visits Syria to discuss Palestine

Javad Zarif went to Syria to hold official talks with Assad government officials over the Israeli aggression against Palestinians.

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On Wednesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif traveled to Syria to discuss the latest regional developments, particularly Israeli aggression against Palestinian people in East Jerusalem, with officials from the Assad government. A diplomatic delegation accompanied the Foreign Minister.

According to the statement issued by the Foreign Ministry regarding Zarif’s visit to Damascus, it was indicated that the Foreign Minister would hold several meetings with high-ranking Assad government officials. Zarif will also meet with leaders of Palestinian groups located in Syria to discuss the latest developments in East Jerusalem, the statement added.

Recently, Javad Zarif held a telephone conversation with Hamas Political Bureau Chief Ismail Haniyeh, as well. The two sides discussed a new wave of Israeli violence against the Palestinian people. It was reported that Haniyeh gave information to the Iranian Foreign Minister regarding the latest development in the region. Hamas’ chief also demanded Iran’s support for the Palestinian resistance. In response, Javad Zarif reiterated his country’s support to the people of Palestine and condemned Israel’s brutality targeting the Palestinian people.

The latest incident erupted when Israeli police attacked Palestinian people at iftar in Al-Aqsa. The Israeli police used pressurized water, tear gas, rubber-coated bullets, and shock grenades. Israel continued its attacks through airstrikes targeting the Gaza Strip. According to the latest reports, over forty people lost their lives while more than 200 people were wounded in Israeli attacks.

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