Iranian FM met with UN Special Envoy for Yemen

It is reported that the Yemen conflict was at the top of the agenda in the meeting.

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On Monday, the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths came together to discuss developments in the region, as well as the Yemeni conflict. During the meeting, the two top diplomats negotiated on the Yemeni Civil War, the Iranian news agency reported.

A statement released by the UN envoy’s office indicated that this visit was a part of diplomatic efforts that were spent by Martin Griffiths to provide political resolution to the Yemen conflict. The main priority is to provide a nationwide ceasefire, the statement added. Last Saturday, it was announced that Martin Griffiths would pay a two-day visit to Tehran. The UN envoy arrived in Iran on Sunday to conduct negotiations. On the same day, he met with Iran’s Senior Assistant to Foreign Minister for Special Political Affairs Ali-Asghar Khaji to discuss means to stop the humanitarian crisis.

On Saturday, a delegation comprised of EU member states’ ambassadors visited Yemen to meet with the newly-founded Yemeni government. During this meeting, Yemeni President Maeen Abdulmalik told the EU delegation that Iran should be placed under international pressure to cut its ties with the Houthi group.

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