Iran labels US strike in Syria as “illegal”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry accused the US of trespassing Syrian sovereignty rights and seizing the country’s natural sources.

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On Friday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the US’ latest air raid towards the region located near the Iraqi border in eastern Syria. The statement labeled the strike as “illegal aggression.” Saeed Khatibzadeh, the Foreign Ministry Spokesman, stated that the attack should be considered as a clear violation of human rights and international law. Alluding to Israeli attacks in the country, Khatibzadeh evaluated the US airstrike as a continuation of the Zionist regime’s aggressions on Syrian territory. Also, he warned that this kind of aggression could accelerate military conflict and exacerbate instability in the region.

The Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif also held a phone talk with his Syrian counterpart Faisal Mekdad. During the conversation, Zarif highlighted the need for “Western powers” to abide by the UN Security Council resolutions on Syria, and the need to pay homage to the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The US air raid, the first one directed by Biden since he took office in January, came in the early hours of Friday, and aimed at the sites used by Iranian-backed groups in the Syria-Iraq border region. According to a statement issued by the Pentagon, the strike was a response to the latest attacks that targeted the members of US and coalition forces in Iraq. Multiple facilities were destroyed, the statement added.

Many analysts expect that the attack is likely to undermine the latest efforts to ease the tension between Iran and the United States.

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