Iran claims to have detained Israeli agents and seized an armaments stash

According to an intelligence official, Mossad aimed to use the captured ammunition to fuel protests in urban regions.

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On Tuesday, Iranian state media reported that security authorities had detained a group of agents working for Israel and grabbed hidden weapons. According to the report, agents had the intention to use these weapons in recent protests erupted by water shortages in the country.

The Persian version of Islamic Republic News Agency, quoting from an official from the Ministry of Intelligence, stated that a network of agents related to the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, was arrested along with a heavy shipment of weapons and ammunition after entering the country through a western border point.

While the official did not provide further details, he said, “Mossad operatives intended to use the equipment in urban riots and assassinations.” Stating that there are pistols, grenades, assault rifles, and ammunition among the captured weapons, the official added that these are planned to use in inciting conflicts during protests.

Also, claiming that Israel intended to carry out acts of sabotage in different parts of the country several times during the elections, the official said it is time to stop these terrorist sabotages.

Tehran frequently accuses its foreign adversaries or rivals, such as Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia, of attempting to destabilize the government by inciting protests and bloodshed.

Israeli officials have not commented on the issue yet.

The report came while protests that erupted over water shortages entering their second week, mostly in southwestern Iran, are continuing.

Killings and injuries have been reported during demonstrations. While Iranian authorities accuse protesters of being responsible for these deaths, human rights groups say that those people were killed by security forces.

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