Imprisoned Fatah leader to form list for polls

Marwan Barghouti to form list apart from Fatah, who also intends to run in the presidential race.

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Marwan Barghouti will formulate an election list separately from the group that will be conveyed to run in Palestinian elections later this year, an informant reported to a news agency.

The informant close to Barghouti, who is held captive by Israel, held that the leading Fatah member will declare a statement clarifying the reason behind the move.

Barghouti will not go forward with the list nor will run, but will be in support to it, rendering to the informant.

It is estimated that the list will be itemized with the Palestinian Central Elections Commission (CES) on Wednesday, the informant held in dialogues which are enduring with Fatah leadership, without revealing further details.

The CES has established the need to register 25 lists for the legislative elections. So far, five have been acknowledged while Fatah is expected to offer its list on Wednesday, which is regarded as the final day for registration.

Barghouti is anticipated to run for the presidency of the Palestinian Authority, as per the same source.

In February, sources close to Barghouti proclaimed his intention to run in the presidential elections from prison, but he repudiated that pronouncement after receiving a letter from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel detained Barghouti in 2002 and condemned him to life for “responsibility for operations carried out by armed groups affiliated with Fatah that killed and wounded Israelis.”

Palestinian elections will be conducted in three stages: the first being legislative on May 22. Later, a presidential election will take place on July 31 while elections to the National Council will be held on Aug. 31.

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