Iconic Carnegie building sold to Qatar

The purchase was confirmed by Carnegie President Eric Isaacs and the 18 members of the board of trustees.

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Qatar has purchased the Carnegie Institution for Science’s iconic headquarter building located in Washington D.C. By this purchase, the Institution would be able to expand its research relying on “internal funds” instead of grants, the President said.

Despite the fact that the cost of the transaction was not disclosed, the Washington Business Journal reported that the value of the property is around at least $23.6 million. The iconic building was constructed in 1908 and just 1.5 kilometers away from the White House.  It was reported that the Qatari government intends to use the building as the embassy’s residence.

The purchase was materialized as part of the gas-rich Gulf state’s investment strategies. Within this context, it is known that Qatar has a multi-million-dollar worth of investments in the United States, particularly in Washington D.C.

On the other hand, the purchase caused disagreements between the institution’s management and its staff. Following the announcement of the transaction, 140 scientists, students, and staff members wrote a letter addressing the board of trustees. In the letter, they expressed their deep concern regarding what they called Qatar’s dismal human rights record.

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