HRW defines Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip in May as unlawful

HRW, the US-based human rights group, stated that unlawful Israeli air attacks on high-rise buildings in Gaza left dozens of people homeless and destroyed scores of businesses.

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Israeli air attacks that devastated four high-rise buildings in the besieged Gaza Strip, during its incursion with Hamas on the enclave in May 2021, apparently violated international laws of war, the Human Rights Watch (HRW), a leading international human rights group, said on Monday, calling on the Israeli military to produce indications justifying the attacks.

HRW noted that, although no one was harmed in the air raids, the attacks damaged neighboring buildings, left dozens of people homeless, and destroyed scores of businesses.

“The apparently unlawful Israeli strikes on four high-rise towers in Gaza caused serious and lasting harm for countless Palestinians who lived, worked, shopped or benefited from businesses based in the area,” said Richard Weir, a crisis and conflict researcher for the New York-based group.

“The Israeli military should publicly produce the evidence that it says it relies on to carry out these attacks,” he further elaborated.

The Israeli military did not immediately respond to the report.

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