Hezbollah brings Iranian fuel into Lebanon, reports Hezbollah channel

On Thursday, Hezbollah started to transport Iranian fuel into Lebanon to ease a crippling energy crisis, which has also been regarded as a move that is said to expose the country to the risk of US sanctions.

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Hezbollah started to transport Iranian fuel into Lebanon on Thursday in order to ease a crippling energy crisis.

Official channels of Hezbollah said a group of around 20 tanker trucks carrying Iranian fuel had arrived in Lebanon. The trucks are said to have crossed into northeastern Lebanon near the village of Al-Ain.

The energy demand is a result of a financial collapse that has overwhelmed the Lebanese economy since 2019, sinking the currency by some 90 percent and sending more than three-quarters of the population into poverty.

Fuel supplies have dried up because Lebanon does not have enough hard currency to cover imports, forcing essential services including some hospitals to scale back or shut down.

Washington has reiterated that US sanctions on Iranian oil sales remain in place, but it has not said whether it is considering imposing measures against Lebanon over the move by Hezbollah.

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