Head of the Libyan Presidential Council Mohamed al-Menfi pays official visit to Algeria

Head of the Libyan Presidential Council Mohamed al-Menfi met with Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune as part of his visit to the country.

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The head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed al-Menfi, flew to Algeria on Wednesday as part of an official visit. During the visit, which was announced to last two days, it was announced that the relations and cooperation opportunities between the two countries would be discussed.

In the meetings held on Wednesday, the two leaders discussed the unification of institutions and the army as well as security issues in Libya. Al-Menfi, who made statements after the talks, conveyed his appreciation to Algeria for its support for the national reconciliation process. President Tebboune stated that his country supports the Libyan political process.

Along with this, al-Menfi and Tebboune discussed the security crisis in the south of the country. Al-Menfi stated that they consider the events in the southern part of the country as a national security issue for both Libya and Algeria. Al-Menfi also expressed that during the negotiations, the issue of opening the border gate between the two countries was also discussed.

The so-called Libyan National Army (LNA) units affiliated with warlord Khalifa Haftar announced in June that they closed the Algerian border on the grounds of security weakness. This statement received massive criticism from both the Libyan authorities and the Algerian side. Algeria, which has been close to the legitimate government in the Libyan crisis since 2011, was among the participants of the Second Berlin Conference.

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