Head of Libyan Presidential Council, Nigerien President meet in Addis Ababa

The Head of the Presidential Council of Libya, Mohamed al-Menfi and Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum called for an emergency summit bringing together the Sahel and Sahara countries.

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The Head of the Libyan Presidential Council Mohamed al-Menfi and Niger President Mohamed Bazoum, who came together within the scope of the 35th summit of the African Union held in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, stated that the states of the Sahel and Sahara region should hold an urgent meeting based on the latest developments.

The two leaders, who suggested that the meeting be held in March, also discussed migration and security issues.

In the meetings, al-Menfi suggested that the executive secretariat of the African Union be moved to the capital Tripoli.

In addition, al-Menfi underlined the issue of migration and stated that irregular migration caused deep damages to Libya’s security and economic resources.

Furthermore, al-Menfi emphasized that Libya and Niger take an active role in the African Union to ensure security and peace in the whole region.

Finally, cooperation opportunities between the two countries on humanitarian aid and border security were discussed during the meetings.

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