Head of Libyan Presidential Council announces start of national reconciliation project

In a statement published on social media, Mohamed al-Menfi evaluated the latest developments in Libya and touched upon the release of political prisoners as a part of the national reconciliation project.

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Head of the Presidential Council, Mohamed al-Menfi, expressed his appreciation for the release of convicts who have been detained in different cases and the steps taken in this direction, and congratulated all the Libyan people.

In a written statement, al-Menfi said, “These decisions could not have been made if the Libyan people did not have a real and serious desire to close the painful pages of the past, end the conflicts, prevent division and stop the bloodshed.”

Al-Menfi, who expressed that he welcomed the efforts made to achieve national reconciliation in order to overcome controversial issues by leaving the past aside, called on the Libyan people to gather around a homeland and establish a state of law. In the statement, which did not provide detailed information on the national reconciliation project, it was announced that many political prisoners were released as of weekdays within the scope of this project.

Saadi Gaddafi, son of ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, was released on September 6.

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