Head of Libyan High Council of State (HCS) rejects coup against elected parliament in Tunisia

Khalid al-Mishri described Kais Saied's decision to dissolve the parliament and dismiss Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi as a coup.

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Khalid al-Mishri, the Head of the Libyan High Council of State (HCS), made statements regarding the latest developments in Tunisia. Al-Mishri stated that he considered the initiatives of Tunisian President Kais Saied as a civil coup against the elected parliament in Tunisia and rejected all subsequent actions made by President Saied.

Al-Mishri shared on his Facebook account that he equated the coup in Tunisia on July 25 with the coup in Libya on February 14, 2014. Furthermore, al-Mishri described the two events as day and night coups.

Kais Saied had announced earlier on Sunday that he would be suspending the Tunisian parliament and stripping away all powers from Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi, effectively removing the 47-year-old politician from his role.

Khalid al-Mishri’s statement comes as the first condemnation among Libyan state institutions against the developments in Tunisia, which has immediately received serious regional and international reactions.

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