Hamdok urged partners of the Sudanese revolution to unite

According to Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok's remark, the growth in protests in Sudan, particularly in recent months, is due to ruptures amongst revolution partners and fragmentation, which has resulted in the infiltration of supporters of the previous government.

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Addressing the people of Sudan on Tuesday, June 15, Hamdok called for the reunification of the partners of the revolution, noting that the main strategy of the enemies is the dispersal of the revolutionary forces. Hamdok said: “We are aware of the importance and necessity of the security sector reform, which we keep in mind and work day and night. Without these necessary reforms, our country will remain vulnerable to internal and external attacks”.

In addition, the Prime Minister added: “Our country is facing dire conditions that threaten its integrity and unity, and threaten the spread of hate speech and tribal discrimination. This fragmentation can lead us to chaos, the control of gangs and criminal groups. In this context, a conflict in Sudan would destabilize not only our country but also the region. We believe that a country like Sudan represents a world-first qualitative situation.”

Hamdok emphasized that the need for the unity of forces that make up the revolution and change, including parties, movements, rallies, non-governmental organizations, resistance committees, trade unions, professional groups and other parties of the peace process, and described it as an inevitable issue of revolution. In addition, Hamdok pointed out that there is a free and open dialogue mechanism between the components of the revolution.

Due to the scarcity of foreign currency, basic goods and fuel in Sudan in recent months, there has been an increase in protests against the resignation of the current transition government and different opinions are rising among the people. Furthermore, the fact that the country’s transition legislature has yet to be created, adds to the Sudanese people’s anxieties.

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