GNU announces new plan on illegal domestic and foreign immigrants

In a statement made by the Government of National Unity (GNU), it was stated that measures will be taken against the problem of illegal immigration and the human tragedy it causes.

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In connection with the escape of illegal immigrants from Ghout al-Shaal detention center last week, the Government of National Unity (GNU) announced that the Ministry of Interior and all Libyan security units have started work on the release and recategorization of migrant families. In addition to this, it was stated that the detention center officials were warned not to use violence against immigrants.

Nonetheless, it was also noted that immigrants and foreign nationals in Libya were divided into three different categories, and in this context, immigrants who want to cross to Europe via Libya are in the majority. It was expressed that if cooperation and coordination with the European Union (EU) are not ensured, Libya will not undertake the social and economic burden of foreign asylum seekers.

In the statement, it was expressed that there are also asylum seekers who want to settle in Libya and benefit from job opportunities in the country. The status of these people will be organized under the leadership of the Ministry of Labor. Finally, it was stated that necessary sanctions will be applied to foreign immigrants involved in criminal activities in Libya, within the framework of international law and human rights.

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