GECOL announces arrival of first and second turbines of Tripoli power plant under construction

An important step has been achieved in the power plant project undertaken by Turkish ENKA and German Siemens.

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The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) announced that the turbines required for the natural gas power plant planned to be built in the west of Tripoli were shipped to Tripoli port. In the continuation of the statement, it was stated that the construction will start with the arrival of the turbines to the construction site.

GECOL also reported that the turbines that reached the Tripoli port are each 170 MW power and the remaining third and fourth turbines will be supplied in mid-September. A consortium made up of the Turkish ENKA and German Siemens companies undertook the construction of the power plant, which is expected to have a total power of 670 MW.

In the last week of July, the Government of National Unity (GNU) and GECOL officials announced that the power plant will be completed in 2022. The Dbeibeh government has been planning various projects since March, in order to prevent power cuts, which has been one of the main problems in Libya.

The Turkish ENKA and German Siemens companies gained experience by carrying out projects in different regions of Libya since the Gaddafi era. Energy supply, which is a very important issue in Libya’s restructuring process, is interpreted as the driving force of many different sectors. The daily electricity cut in the capital Tripoli is reported to be 8 hours a day.

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