Gaza factions warn Israel that delaying aid could reignite fighting

Palestinian groups say they reject the idea of linking the reconstruction of Gaza to a prisoner exchange deal with Israel.

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Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip have warned Israel against delays in lifting restrictions imposed on the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave and impeding reconstruction after last month’s devastating attacks.

On Tuesday, the notice was unconstrained after leaders of numerous circles in the Gaza Strip met in a Hamas office to discuss the latest developments encompassing a ceasefire secured in May between Israel and Hamas, which concluded the 11-day Israeli attack on Gaza. The Palestinian groups presented a list of hassles to Israel that contained the reviving of border opening at crossings, permitting the transfer of financial aid from Qatar, and the resurrection of Gaza’s fishing zone.

If Israel does not comply with their demands, the factions say they will resume the launching of inflammable balloons into Israel and organize rallies along the Israeli-Palestinian border. The groups also issued an obscure threat to renew rocket fire.

Palestinian parties said they refused to link the renovation efforts in Gaza to a prisoner swap. “We will not accept pressure on our people or any attempt to link files with each other,” the factions said in a statement. Israel has required that Hamas hand over two Israeli civilians and the bodies of two soldiers held by the group.

Israeli media also stated that United Nations and Egyptian mediators expressed to Hamas that the reestablishment of Gaza should be linked to a prisoner-exchange contract with Israel.

“Our people are ready to challenge and impose more equations. Our great people will never be silent, and the enemy will see that we are ready for all options, and we will resist it by all popular and other means,” the factions added.

Talal Abu Zarifa, a senior member of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, told a news agency that while Israel wants to link the renovation of Gaza and the opening of its crossings to the exchange of Israeli soldiers, the Palestinians will not agree to it.

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