French embassy reopens in Tripoli after 7 years

French embassy reopens in Tripoli as Macron promised.

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Last week French President Emmanuel Macron announced that the French embassy would reopen in Tripoli, as a sign of his country’s support to the new Libyan interim government. As expected, the embassy was opened today.

The French Ambassador Béatrice le Fraper du Helle expressed, in an interview with the Libyan state news agency, that she has arrived to reopen the embassy and will determinedly work in order to strengthen their ties with Libyan authorities as well as the Libyan people.

Last week, the head of Libya’s new Presidency Council Mohammed Younes Menfi and his deputy visited Paris, in order to meet with the French President. One of the announcements following this meeting was that the French embassy would reopen on Monday, which was closed since 2014. Additionally Macron underlined that Libya’s peace process should be supported for the stability of the entire region and that maintaining the ceasefire is the primary goal.

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