France interested in investing in Sudan in field of natural gas and alternative energy sources

The Sudanese Minister of Energy and Petroleum Engineering, Jaden Ebeid, announced that France is interested in investing in the country in the fields of natural gas and alternative energy sources.

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The French Ambassador to Khartoum confirmed his country’s interest in investing in Sudan in the field of natural gas and alternative energies, confirming the interest of a number of French companies working in the energy field. In this context, the Ambassador explained the interest of French companies to work in Sudan as follows: “French companies are interested in many regions for investment in Sudan”.

Based on the statements of the French ambassador, French companies are to take initiatives for natural gas exploration activities in addition to the existing mineral exploration activities in the Red Sea province of Sudan. In addition, the French Ambassador pointed out that many French companies and consultancy firms working in the field of alternative energies for electricity generation are willing to invest, as well as total energy companies for natural gas and alternative energy resources investments in Sudan.

France has been trying to involve itself in Sudan in the fields of political, economic, cultural, scientific and technical cooperation together with the country’s transitional government. In this context, it is stated that France offered its support to the Sudanese transitional government, which was established with the official signing of the Constitutional Declaration on August 17, 2019.

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