Four Tunisian parties announce coalition to counter President Saied’s decrees

Four Tunisian parties announced a coalition to oppose President Kais Saied’s move to seize powers.

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Four Tunisian parties announced the formation of a coalition group rejecting the “exceptional measures” taken by the country’s President, Kais Saied, warning of the possibility of slipping into chaos, civil war, and the collapse of the state.

The announcement came during a press conference in Tunis, organized by the Democratic Current, Afek Tounes, The Republican, and the Democratic Bloc for Work and Freedoms.

The Secretary-General of the Democratic Current, Ghazi Chaouachi, said that the coordination will include the four parties under the name “Coordination of Democratic Forces”.

He explained that it aims to “support every reform path and achieve political stability and social justice in Tunisia and serve every soul capable of serving the interest of our country.”

To achieve its goals, the coalition intends to take political and field actions.

Chaouachi warned that Saied’s decisions may “lead to the overthrow of the democratic transition and cause the collapse of all pillars of the Tunisian state.”

Tunisian President Saied issued new decrees expanding his powers on September 22, after the Assembly suspended its work and dismissed the prime minister on July 25.

With the new decrees, extraordinary arrangements were made regarding the legislative and executive powers of the President, and the temporary commission that oversaw the constitutionality of the bills was abolished.

According to the decrees published in the Official Gazette, the President of Tunisia was given the authority to issue “legislative texts” with Presidential decisions after taking the opinion of the Council of Ministers.

Under the decree, the Council of Ministers will no longer be responsible to the Assembly, but to the President. The president will appoint the prime minister, determine the cabinet members, the policy, and decisions of the government.

The President was also given the authority to submit any Presidential decision to a public vote.

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