Former team member of the Obama administration named as Biden’s Iran envoy

Robert Malley has been named the Biden administration’s new special envoy for Iran, giving him one of the most difficult foreign policy challenges facing the recently inaugurated Biden administration.

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In an official statement made by the State Department, it was expressed that the new Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is establishing a team made up of experts with a variety of viewpoints, and leading that team, specifically for Iran, would be Robert Malley. Malley, who has previously worked under the Obama administration, took part in the negotiations concerning Iran’s nuclear program.

Initially, Malley’s appointment was met with criticism from some in the Republican and Pro-Israeli camps. This criticism was based on the idea that Malley’s appointment would mean less pressure on Iran, while Israel would be met with a tougher stance from the US. However, statements from various foreign policy veterans came out in praise for Malley, underlining him as a balanced and esteemed diplomat.

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