Fighting continues in Daraa as regime shelling reported in provincial capital

The Assad regime continues to bomb rebel-held areas following discussions between the Daraa Central Committee and Russian representatives on Tuesday.

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Clashes between the Assad regime and rebels on the outskirts of Daraa al-Balad continued on Wednesday, as well as bombing of other parts of Daraa province in southern Syria.

According to local sources, fighting occurred early in the morning and involved al-Assad’s Iran-linked Fourth Division and local opposition fighters at the Al-Kazia roundabout. Regime tanks fired on Tafas city, villages as well as refugee camps.

The United Nations’ Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA) warned that its services have been disrupted while many Palestinian refugees “suffer from injuries, deaths, and displacement.” Serious damage occurred in Daraa’s Palestinian refugee camp, in which around 3,000 Palestinians continue to live amid difficult conditions.

On Tuesday, Russian representatives and local leaders in the Central Committee discussed a roadmap for a solution proposed by Moscow. Local leaders rejected a proposal that set terms for the removal of local fighters from the area and the surrender of small arms. Talks have yielded no results so far.

The Assad regime aims to force the rebels to surrender and bring the territory fully back under its control.

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