‘Failure not an option’ according to new Libyan Prime Minister

In his first national address following his election as Prime Minister, Abdulhamid Dbeibeh promised an inclusive administration in Libya.

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Abdulhamid Dbeibeh, Libya’s newly-elected Prime Minister, gave his first national speech following his election in the elections conducted in Geneva, by the UN-sponsored talks. Dbeibeh, underlined the rejection of failure as an option, and vowed for an inclusive and transparent administration to unify the country in the upcoming general elections in December. Furthermore, he stated the election of an interim government to be a victory for national unity, reunification and democracy in Libya.

Last Friday, elections were held by a forum of 75 Libyan delegates. Aside from Dbeibeh, Mohamed al-Manfi from Tobruk was elected as the head of the Presidential Council, alongside Musa al-Koni, as the deputy representing the Fezzan region, and Abdullah al-Lafi.

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