Explosion around the Dimona nuclear reactor is a message to Israel, Iran says

Iran accuse Israel of being behind the cyberattack against the Natanz nuclear facility, that caused huge damage in the plant.

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The explosion near Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor was closely followed by the Iranian media, as well. Iranian outlets defined the incident as a clear message to Israel which indicates that Israel’s “sensitive areas are not safe.”

Iranian outlets also asserted that there are missing points in the Israeli narrative regarding the incident that occurred, as Syrian missiles fell near the Dimona reactor.

On Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces held that the sirens in northern Negev, not far from the country’s nuclear reactor, were set off not by a rapt hit on a target within Israel but by a wayward Syrian anti-aircraft missile that had been fired at an Israeli jet during an airstrike aimed at the Golan Heights.

On April 11, Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility was targeted by a cyberattack which caused a power cut and harmed centrifuges in the plant. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif blamed Israel for the attack and said that his country would take its revenge.

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