European delegation arrive in Yemen

This is the first visit of a European delegation since Yemen's new government was formed in December.

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On early Saturday, a European Union delegation landed in Yemen’s interim capital, Aden, to discuss means to provide peace with the new government. The visit came after the Yemeni government returned to Aden from Saudi Arabia, on December 30.

The government sources stated that the delegation was comprised of the ambassadors of France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Ireland. The delegation aims to negotiate with the government on several issues, most notably peace opportunities in Yemen, the source added.

During the visit, the delegation will come together with Prime Minister Moein Abdel-Malik and Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak.

In line with the Riyadh Agreement signed in December 2019, a power-sharing government with 24 ministers, also containing representatives from the United Arab Emirates-backed Southern Transitional Council, was formed on December 18.

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