Ennahda Movement calls on President Saied to turn decisions into opportunities for reform

The Ennahda Movement in Tunisia called for President Kais Saied's July 25 decisions to "turn into an opportunity for reform."

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In a written statement made on the social media account of the Ennahda Movement’s Shura Council, it was stated that, “We must turn the decisions taken on July 25 into an opportunity for reform, and these practices must be one of the democratization stages.”

Earlier this Wednesday, the Shura Council began an extraordinary consultation session to discuss the general situation in the country, 10 days after the emergency measures taken by President Saied, which sparked deep political dissension.

Following the unexpected decisions of Saied, the Ennahda Movement called for dialogue, and said it was ready to make the “necessary concessions” for a return to the democratic path through the organization of early elections.

Kais Saied, announced, on the evening of Sunday, July 25, during an emergency meeting with senior military and security officials, the dismissal of Head of Government Hichem Mechichi, the freezing of the powers of Parliament for a period of 30 days, as well as the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of all deputies, which implied the allocation of executive powers to the president.

Saied’s decisions come in the wake of popular protests that have taken place in several governorates of the country, demanding the resignation of the government amid economic and health difficulties and a political crisis that has lasted for months in the country.

Some political parties, including the Ennahda Movement, saw the said measures as a “coup against the Constitution,” while others were in favor, considering that they were a “rectification of the revolutionary process.”

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