Emirati, French presidents to meet in Dubai on December 3

French President Emmanuel Macron will visit the UAE on December 3 to discuss ways to strengthen relations between the two countries.

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France’s President Emmanuel Macron will pay an official visit to the UAE on December 3. During his visit to Dubai, several major agreements will be reportedly signed, according to a senior Emirati official.

Macron’s visit will take place as the two countries are searching for ways to deepen economic and political ties.

Speaking to reporters, Anwar Gargash, the diplomatic adviser to the UAE president, emphasized that the French president’s visit would contribute to broadening cooperation in different fields. Gargash also confirmed that several agreements in various areas would be signed during Macron’s visit.

“France is a reliable ally, and we see it as an important player in the region. We have had a consistent relationship with France over four decades. President Macron’s visit will consolidate that,” Gargash stated.

Macron’s visit will come within the scope of his two-day trip to the Gulf region. As part of his regional tour, Macron will also pay visits to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The visit will come while the Gulf Arab states are expressing their reservations regarding US regional strategy.

While the UAE already has the French-produced Mirage warplanes, the two countries have engaged in talks for the Rafale fighter jets for more than ten years.

A recent report indicates that the negotiations for 30-60 planes are in a favorable position, and the agreement could be finalized during Macron’s visit. Another Gulf state, Qatar, has already placed an order for Rafale fighter jets.

In a briefing conference held on Tuesday, a French presidential official refrained from responding to whether the Rafael agreement would be sealed, confining himself to say only some agreements would be signed during the visit.

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