Egyptian former vice president calls to start negotiation with Turkey and Iran

The talk is necessary to establish a comprehensive strategy against Israeli violation of Palestinian rights, the ex-vice president stated.

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Egyptian former Vice-President Mohamed El-Baradey issued a call for Arab states to establish a regional security system which is used for handling complex relations with Turkey and Iran. El-Baradey expressed this thought in an article, titled as “Is it Time for a Change in the Arab World” that was published by a regional media outlet on Sunday. The dialogue with Turkey and Iran is an issue that cannot be delayed, he added.

El-Baradey, who also served as the Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, stated that the need for an independent regional security system which would be based on its members and their capabilities, is essential, and this system should be accommodatably designed for handling the complex relationship between neighbors. Based on his statement, in this sense, communicating with Turkey and Iran is an issue that cannot be delayed.

El-Baradey highlighted that the need arises from Israel’s insistent violation of Palestinian rights and coping with this issue requires a unified and clear strategy. In this direction, the first thing that should be done is stopping unnecessary wars that have devastated the Arab people, he added. While he knows this is a long way in overcoming many obstacles, he stated that he believes in the Arab people.

El-Baradey served as Vice President for a short time following the military coup in Egypt in 2013 that overthrew Mohamed Morsi: the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and the country’s first democratically elected leader. After the coup, El-Baradey moved to Austria and emerged as an opponent figure criticizing the Egyptian regime.

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