Egyptian-brokered reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah held in Cairo

In Cairo, rival factions of Palestine began reconciliation talks backed by Egypt, prior to the upcoming elections in the country.

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On Monday, leaders of Hamas and Fatah, the two prominent political groups in Palestine, met in Cairo to discuss a reconciliation between each other, which is backed by the Egyptian government.

This meeting marks another Egypt-brokered attempt at reconciling both prominent groups, that are bitter rivals. Cairo has consistently attempted to bring both groups together for the past 14 years without success.

Other factions are also thought to be invited to the talks in Cairo such as Islamic Jihad, which have not taken part in previous elections in Palestine, in 1996 and 2006.

Although talks about the upcoming legislative and presidential elections is another major point of discussion, there is widespread skepticism on whether the elections will happen.

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