Dagalo rejects the integration of the RSF militia into the Sudanese Armed Forces

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Commander Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo announced that he did not accept the integration of the RSF into the Sudanese army as part of the plan to unite the various armies under the Sudanese Armed Forces during the transition period.

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Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), announced on Monday that he rejects the integration of the RSF into the Sudanese army, which has been regarded as a plan to unite the country’s various forces under the Sudanese Armed Forces.

According to the news prepared by the Sudan Tribune website on this subject, it is pointed out that there has been a disagreement between Sudan Sovereignty Council President Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan and Dagalo especially recently, but both sides denied these allegations. The emergence of the disagreement between Burhan and Dagalo in the news is based on the fact that while Al-Burhan was at the Paris Conference, Dagalo accepted the resignation of the Sudanese Attorney General, thus Al-Burhan interrupted his visit and returned to Khartoum.

In this vein, the report refers to the speech in which Dagalo complained about political intrigues against him at the memorial ceremony held for a commander of the Sudan Liberation Movement-Mini Minawwi (SLM-MM) on 4 June. In his statement, Dagalo stated that he acted to prevent those who were preparing to attack the pro-democracy sit-in. In addition, Dagalo pointed out that “the merger of the RSF with the Sudanese Armed Forces could separate the country” and that the RSF was established by laws passed by an elected parliament. However, while the negotiations of the Juba Peace Agreement continue, the internal actors who are party to the agreement also advocate the merger of the RSF with the Sudanese Armed Forces.

In addition, the Sudan Tribune report draws attention to the fact that Dagalo’s support to the protests is in partnership with the UAE. As a matter of fact, some claim that Dagalo turned against him because this situation disturbed Omer Al Bashir’s administration.

Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo was praised by pro-democracy protesters for disobeying Bashir and supporting calls for freedom, peace and democracy during the process of Omar Al Bashir’s removal from power by the Sudanese Armed Forces in April 2019. Dagalo has tried to reverse his image, which had been tarnished in the past two years, after RSF forces he commanded were videotaped participating in the bloody violence against the protests outside the Sudanese army headquarters on 3 June 2019.

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