Customs post in Iran-Afghanistan border engulfs into flames

A customs post near the border city of Islam Qala was caught ablaze after fuel trucks exploded, injuring at least 60 people.

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A large-scale fire has erupted in the Iranian-Afghan border city of Islam Qala, resulting in at least 60 injuries and damages to energy infrastructure in the city of Herat, in Afghanistan. Initial reports suggest that the fire started after a gas tanker exploded, while later statements say the cause for the fire is not clear.

On the Iranian side, local emergency officials announced that 21 ambulances and 20 fire trucks were sent across the border to assist in containing the fire. Meanwhile, a regional trade official, Hossein Akhundzadeh, told Iran’s Student News Agency (ISNA) that more than 300 vehicles carrying fuel and gas exploded. Early investigations suggest that more than $50 million worth of damages were caused.

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