Customs office to be opened on the border of Iran and the KRG

Iranian state news announced on Sunday that a customs office will be opened on the border with northern Iraq, to regulate economic movement from the KRG.

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The deputy minister of the interior for the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) Chato Sali announced on Sunday that they reviewed the customs office at Siranband, with the Iranian consulate-general in the KRG. A statement was also released by Iranian state news which declared that Iran will be opening a customs office in the region, with the goal to regulate economic movement between itself and the autonomous KRG in northern Iraq.

Previously, the Secretary of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce said in a statement that the KRG was the only part of the Iran-Iraq border where border checkpoints were closed. Remarks were also made about the fact that Iran is Iraq’s top buyer of goods and services.

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