Coup attempt against transitional government in Sudan fails

Sudan's army announced that it thwarted a coup attempt intending to overthrow the transitional government.

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According to the Sudanese military, the Sudanese army foiled a coup attempt in the country early on Tuesday.

In a statement made by the media adviser to the Chief of Staff through the Sudanese state news agency, “The armed forces thwarted a coup attempt and the situation was under control.”

State television earlier said a coup attempt was taking place and called on the citizens to confront it.

A senior Sudanese military source told international correspondents that a putschist group was trying to take control of the country. The same source expressed that at least 40 soldiers were arrested for their involvement in the attempt.

Main roads in the capital Khartoum were full of military personnel deployed by the army and main bridges linking Khartoum with the cities of Omdurman and Bahri were closed according to reporters.

Furthermore, according to eyewitnesses, sporadic shootings were heard inside the Armored Corps in the southern part of Khartoum.

In another short statement, Sovereignty Council member Mohamed Al-Faki Suleiman confirmed that the coup attempt was contained, and that “the situation is currently under control, as some of those involved in the coup attempt were arrested and subjected to interrogation to find out the details of the plot and those behind it.”

The official also said the army was negotiating with military units of the Armored Corps in the Shagara region, south of Khartoum, to “surrender without resistance.”

In an earlier post on Facebook, Suleiman called on the Sudanese people to confront the coup attempt and “rise up to defend the country and protect the democratic transition.”

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