Clash between militias in Al-Zawiya spreads to oil fields

The Al-Zawiya Oil Refining Company announced that clashes in the city damaged many pieces of equipment and oil tankers.

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The management of the Al-Zawiya Oil Refining Company stated on Tuesday that the clashes in the city on Monday spread to the oil fields, and that 13 oil tankers, electric generators and many pieces of equipment were damaged. It was noted that the ceilings of the production line, where the oil mixing and filling plant is located, were damaged during the clashes.

Company officials stated that investigations are continuing in all production units of the company to determine the extent of the damage. In addition to this, the company announced that such incidents in areas close to the refineries may lead to many different industrial and environmental accidents.

According to local sources, clashes that began on Monday evening took place between the Mohammad Al-Bahrun militia and the Stabilization Support Agency (SSA) led by Abdel-Ghani Al-Kikli (Ghaniwa). After the clashes, many videos and photos were shared on social media. The information about the casualties related to the clashes in which light and heavy weapons were used has not been disclosed yet.

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