“Citizens Against Coup” calls on all parties in Tunisia to participate in hunger strike

In Tunisia, the "Citizens Against Coup" initiative called on all political, civil, and human rights organizations in the country to participate in the hunger strike to defend freedom, democracy, and universal rights.

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In Tunisia, the “Citizens Against Coup” initiative called on all political, civil and human rights organizations in the country to participate in the hunger strike to defend freedom, democracy and universal rights.

The spokesperson for the initiative said, “The democratic forces opposing the coup have no other way but to enter the stage of defending freedom with their bodies.”

Indicating that the existing fait accompli authority is making a clear pressure to close the area of ​​freedoms for the last time, the initiative emphasized that the political prisoners should be released immediately, all military courts should be canceled, insults against the army and efforts to intervene in the coup process should be stopped.

In addition, the initiative announced that it called for the repression and violence against parties and movements in the country to be avoided, and for the rights of expression and demonstration given by the 2014 Constitution to be ensured.

The “Citizens Against the Coup” initiative announced on December 23 that a group of deputies in Tunisia had started a hunger strike, citing “President Kais Saied’s extraordinary decisions of July 25, suppressing opposition voices, and autocracy.”

Former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki also stated that he participated in a symbolic hunger strike “to protest the suppression of the voices of the opposition and the prevention of demonstrations.”

President Kais Saied froze the work of the parliament with the extraordinary decisions he announced on July 25 and lifted the parliamentary immunity.

Saied enlarged his powers with new decrees on September 22 and completely subordinated the executive branch to himself.

With the “road map of getting out of the political crisis,” which he recently announced a few days before the anniversary of the revolution, the President of Tunisia announced that the country will hold an early general election on December 17, 2022, and the Assembly will remain closed until then.

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