Car bomb explosion kills Yemeni journalist

A car bomb which exploded in Aden killed a Yemeni journalist who was pregnant.

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On Tuesday, an explosion occurred in Aden, the southern city of Yemen. Witnesses and medical sources stated that the explosion arose from a bombing attack that targeted a Yemeni journalist, Rasha Abdullah Al Harazi, and her family. The Yemeni journalist was killed in the attack.

While she and her child lose their lives at the scene, Rasha Abdullah’s husband Mahmoud Al Atmi, who is also a journalist, was seriously injured and taken to the hospital in critical condition, according to the officials’ statements.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity since they were not allowed to inform the press, the officials stated that three pedestrians were also wounded.

The incident took place while Rasha Abdullah and her family were going to see a doctor.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. The authorities stated that an investigation is maintained.

Issuing a statement regarding the incident, Yemen’s Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed labeled the incident as a “terrorist attack.”

Aden has frequently experienced such attacks. Last month, at least eight people were killed by a car bombing attack targeting the autocade of Aden’s governor.

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