Assad regime, Iranian militias re-launch attacks on Daraa al-Balad

Assad regime forces, with the assistance of Iranian militias, continued their attack on the besieged region of Daraa.

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Intense attacks re-escalated in the Daraa al-Balad neighborhood, a southwestern town in Syria, only hours after the regional negotiation committee called on the UN to intervene and help save the lives of more than 50,000 people.

A group of activists and journalists from the area called Ahrar Houran observed an Iranian-backed militia group heavily bombard the neighborhood. The regime and militias reportedly used machine guns, mortar artillery, tanks and grad missiles during the attacks.

The latest attack follows the collapse of a ceasefire agreement on September 1. The violation of the ceasefire is one of many by the Assad regime, which has consistently disregarded the halting of the conflicts and mediation efforts.

The deal collapsed due to disagreements over the extent of army control and disarming of former opposition groups.

The spokesperson for the Daraa al-Balad negotiation committee, Adnan al-Masalameh, announced that the new demands presented by the Assad regime and Russia were impossible to be fulfilled. The spokesperson added that they had reached a dead-end in the negotiation process.

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