American forces intercept drone over US Embassy after rocket attack at Ain al-Assad base

Militia groups targeting American forces in Iraq increasingly rely on cheap drone technologies to conduct their attacks.

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Ain al-Assad Air Base, located in the western province of Anbar, was hit with rockets on Monday. There were no reported casualties as a result of the attack. The base, which holds American troops and contractors, was targeted by unknown militias for the second time since June 20.

“At approximately 2:45 pm local time, Ain al-Assad Air Base was attacked by three rockets. The rockets landed on the base perimeter. There are no injuries and damage is being assessed,” Colonel Wayne Marotto, spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, announced on Twitter.

While no group claimed responsibility for firing the rockets, American officials hold Iran-affiliated militias responsible for the attacks.

Telegram channels run by militia groups reported that eight rockets were fired targeting the base, at least four of which hit American military compounds.

Shortly after the attack on the al-Assad base, Iraqi security officials announced that American forces shot down a drone flying over the US Embassy in Baghdad. The drone, reportedly equipped with explosives, triggered US air defense systems which fired a series of rockets to shoot down the aerial vehicle.

US forces and affiliated personnel have been increasingly targeted in rocket and drone attacks in the past month. The Biden administration hit two militia-run facilities holding military and drone equipment on June 28, killing at least four members of Popular Mobilization Forces, a state-sanctioned umbrella organization that includes groups sponsored by Iran.

Iran-backed groups vowed to continue their attacks until all American forces leave Iraq.

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